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The Government of Telangana is providing Simple, Moral, Accountable, Responsive and Transparent (SMART) services to their citizens. The Transport Department providing you all the facilities related to transport. It is very simple process to get Driving License in Telangana.

For obtaining a Driving Licence, one can approach the offices of Transport Department on all working days. Apart from this, the Government has initiated a special program for the convenience of the public. Accordingly, the Transport Department has made special arrangements on Monday and Tuesday of every week and also on every fourth Saturday of the month from 9 a.m. to 1.30 p.m. to issue Driving Licences.

Any person who is driving a motor vehicle, must have Valid Driving License. It is necessary to have a valid Driving License to drive a motor vehicle in public place as per the Motor Vehicle Act 1988.

 What is the procedure for Obtaining a Driving License in Telangana:

There are two (2) phase to get a Driving License. In first phase, the applicant can obtain a Learner License. LL is valid for a period of 6 months from the date of Issue. In second phase, the applicant can apply for permanent driving license.  The applicant can apply for permanent licence after one month of issue of Learners License. Here below I am explaining you the whole procedure of getting Driving License.

 Phase I – Obtain Learner’s License:

  1. To get the learners license, the applicant should present personally before the Licensing Authority and fill the Form 2.
  1. What documents required to get Learners License in Telangana:

@ Fill the Application Form 2 which is available at RTA office

Submit the Fee of Rs. 50/

@  Submit the Proof of Age – you can submit anyone of the following:

a) A copy of Passport

b) Copy of PAN

c) A photocopy of School certificate

d) Birth certificate issued by State Govt./ MCH authorities

e) LIC

@ You have to submit Proof of Residence – You can submit anyone of the given below

a) Ration Card copy

b) Electricity bill

c) LIC

d) Passport

e) Pay Slip or Identity card issued by state/central govt. having residential address.

  1. After the filling up of application form alongwith the submission of required documents, a digital photo of applicant will be taken by the RTA authority.  The applicant need not to take any photograph of themselves.
  1. The last stage of getting a learners license is to clear a written test. The test is based on traffic signal, rules and regulations. The applicant will have to answer 20 question in 10 mintues and the passing marks is 12.

 Phase II – Obtain Permanent License:

  1. The applicant can apply for the permanent license only if he/she holds a learner license for a minimum period of 1 month.
  2. The applicant need to present personally at Licensing authority with all required documents and original learners license
  3. Then the applicant will have to fill the Application Form 4.
  4.  Submit the fee of Rs. 125/- .
  5. After the submission of form and documents and fee, the authority will take you to the driving test.
  6. Once the applicant cleared the driving test, the permanent driving license will be issued to him/her.

Note: The applicant must bring their own vehicle as the department will not provide any vehicle for driving test.

Documents required to obtain Permanent Driving License in Telangana:

  1. Application Form No. 4
  1. Deposit the Fee of Rs. 125/- for test and license
  1. Valid learners license

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    I’ve paid a fee of Rs.525 online for permanent lisence. I had learners lisence already. What are the documents required to carry to RTO?

    1. Abhishek says

      Llr, fee paid receipt and form 4 only



  3. dutt says

    Ta PAN cards are not accepted by rto guys.
    Take voter id.

  4. Sam khan says

    Can someone please let me know the procedure how to apply for a driving licence badge number ?

  5. laxman says

    i booked slot online fr light motor vehicle only i need both lwmv and motorcycle aid gear learning license but now am not able to fill the application online because once i have already booked online its been 4 days from when i applied online first fr lwmv if i go directly the officer is saying slots r full then how to book a slot now

  6. madhu says

    How to apply badge number

  7. Tushar says

    I have done it. I got the learning license

  8. Tushar says

    I have done it. I got the learning license
    Good to

  9. josh.k says

    I am having license from past 25years.issued at I need badge license.I shited to secbad before 12 where can I apply badge license.

  10. Aijaz says

    The procedure for obtaining driving licence in india for NRI’s if they gulf driving licence

  11. Nagendra says


    1st of all Thank you for providing all the information.

    I didn’t have any address proofs with hyderabad residence. i have only own residence proofs.

    So, any alternative for address proofs of me?

    We have gas connection at hyderabad residence on my father’s name. Is that proof is useful me ?

    Advance Thanks for your kind reply 🙂


    1. Raghavendra says

      You can put current bill where you are living.

  12. G sai chandu says

    I have 4 wheeler driving license with 1yr experience ,how to apply for badge number

  13. V.Srinivas says

    dear sir/ madam

    I applied for Renewal of Driving Licence on 20/03/2016 and the status is card printed on 4/4/2016.
    I didn’t receive it even after two months passed .Kindly look into the matter and send at the earliest, As I’m facing a lot problems , without it.I don’t see why is it delayed even after collecting postal charges !

  14. sajid hussain says

    i have dubai driving license since last 2002 how i can get telengana driving license.

  15. Raghu says

    I am trying to get badge number to drive cab but I don’t have original SSC memo. I went to RTA office with my photo copies but they didn’t took my application.

    Please let me know if there is any other way to get badge number


  16. ravi says

    how to get the badge(to drive taxi) number. i have already 2+4 driving licence(1 year back)

  17. ravi says

    how to get badge licence? i already have 2+4 driving licence 1 year ago

  18. Shravan says

    I am a 10th pass student….But I’m only 15 yrs and after an year I’m gonna get should I wait for an year or my 10th pass certificate is enough for leaning license????please help me…

  19. Rohit says

    I din’t have any address proof of Hyderabad/Telangana. If I apply for a license then what other documents can I give for address proof. Will rent agreement will get accepted?

  20. vista says

    My cousin brother failed in his first attempt test drive, another how many test drive chance usually he will get.


  21. Ram says


    I have a valid LMV license taken from Chennai, Tamilnadu. Now, I required Badge license in Hyderabad, Telangana. Is it possible ?? Wht r the DOCS required ? Pls let me knw ASAP

  22. K.Ranga Rao says

    I am having car driving licence at Attapur (Hyd) and two wheeler driving licence at Medcharla.My present address is under Medcharla. When I applied for renewal of car driving licence ,they gave LL for car .Is it necessary to give learners test drive. When I am trying for slot online it is coming test slot not required for adding one into other one . Please advise me.

  23. khan says

    I want to apply for badge number,what is the process?

  24. vaibhav says

    where do i apply plzzz help my email id is

  25. naresh says

    i failed in learnin licence test, whats the procedure need to book slot again or can i have another option

  26. rajeev c says

    Can anyone tell me how to apply for learner’s license in Telangana for a person who is not a permanent resident of Telangana. As I can’t see any option in the book online slot for that.

    1. jan says

      yes, whithin 6 months you can apply for three times

  27. Nimish says

    My driving license has started to fade. I would like to have a new card sent. The license hasn’t expired. Can you let me know the process?

  28. Sastry says

    is Aadhar card is accepted for address proof and age proof ?

  29. Venkat says

    How to get the status of Driving License after clearing the Final Driving Test. How long does it take to get the License in post? appreciate your reply.

  30. khaled mirza says

    I have paid learning fees of rupees of 60. and I attend the exam and result is fail they told me come after 3 days but I want to know if I go after 3 days again I pay application fee of 60 rupees or not plz solve my query..

  31. Rakesh says

    Can I take learning license from any where

    1. Rajinikanth says

      My learning licence has expired,what the procedure is to follow now

  32. Rajinikanth says

    My learning licence has expired,what the procedure is to follow now


  33. ramu says

    not having a 10th memo for badge number

  34. asis kumar says

    Dear sir ,
    My native place is andhra pradesh & my total documents are also having in ap & now i am doing job in hyderabad ,can i apply driving licence in hyderabad,is it possible.

  35. Leela kridhna says

    My birthday is on march 20 can I get licence now

  36. Srinivas says

    I have LMV transport motorcab licence i want print a badge no what I can do please reply from karimnagar

  37. Srinivas says

    Full information of print a badge no details please replay

  38. Arshad says

    How much would it (total) cost for 2 Wheeler Learner’s License (without gear)? I see on Website Rs. 230, but agents are asking for Rs. 3500/=

    Is it correct Rs. 230 ? or Would it cost more? Please advise.

  39. Srinuvas Patnaik says

    Dear Sir,

    I am not the resident of Telangana State.I don’t have ration card,passport,LIC. I am staying at my Counsin’ s Home.So kindly help me for opting the Driving license for 2 wheeler.

  40. Raja says

    I did written test at rto office. But i have failed in that. What will i do now??. Can i apply for re-test or apply new slot for lerning licence.??

  41. nikhil says

    i booked a slot on 27th octber 2017.But not attended the test. Is there any solution for it?


    (Can i renew non transport driving licence since i am at punjab now


    (Can i renew non transport driving licence of Telangana on line since i am at punjab now


      will i get reply on my email ?

  44. prasannakymar says

    what is the procedure to change of address, and cost ,.from Tirmulgirry to Uppal Rto office

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